Our Core Competencies

We are a provider of innovative recruitment services for corporate clients, healthcare and non-profit organizations.
It is our mission to efficiently support the achievement of our clients’ goals.

We propose customized solutions and services that meet your clients´budget and time requirements.

Employing innovative leadership and diagnostic methods, we provide recruitment and human resources development strategies for our clients.

Our core practice areas are: Healthcare, Non-profit organizations and Housing industry.

Moreover we are a provider of HR outscourcing services.

Our Ethics

Our business relationships are built on trust.
Trust being the strongest base for a long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.

Executive Search

The recruitment of industry expertise and leadership potentials is a question of trust – trust in the capabilties and experience of the recruiter.
We offer many years of experience in recruitment and an open, goal-oriented communication.


is a leading tool for management and employee evaluation and assessment. With PROFILING, we focus on understanding and objectively measuring core competencies, behaviours, and interests of employees in companies and industries.
Linked to this online-tool, we offer performance benchmark evaluation management audits.


  • miss-hires
  • optimize the selection process
  • avoid costly mistakes and
  • increase your employees’ productivity.

Since 2003, von Prittwitz und Gaffron has been a partner of PROFILES.


We offer training (in seminar style) to corporate clients on the following subjects:

  • professional recruitment
  • client acquisition
  • leadership training
  • implementation and use of 360° feedback
  • successful teamwork
  • business communications
  • efficient use of resources

Inhouse training

We are happy to develop “custom-made” training on demand.
We work with highly-skilled coaches. Their didactic, technical and personal skills meet our clients’ highest standards and expectations.


The main purpose of coaching is the acquirement of new behavioural abilities and professional skills.
In one-on-one coachings we work on specific topics to develope personal strengths and overcome weaknesses to achieve one’s developmental goals.


  • efficient goal achievement
  • conflict management
  • successful negotiation
  • effective communication
  • all leaders can be good coaches
  • development of high performance teams
  • public speaking
  • proficient mediating skills

All seminars are held in English or German.

HR outscourcing services

We are experts in HR and help you to put your focus where it belongs: on your business success.
As a knowledgeable and effective business partner, we help you to attract – and to keep! – top talent. Although we are an all-in-one HR outscourcing partner we also offer customized services for your needs: whether it is the placement of an advertisement for an open position, the assessment of candidates, letters of reference (those typically German “Zeugnisse” with its very own language), or training on the job – we can free your resources and take over some of your workload.

You call on our service as and when required.
Please contact us !


Wer seine Stärken kennt, akzeptiert und einsetzt, wird den Erfolg nicht vermeiden können.

Ulrich v. Prittwitz